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A putting green is located 240ft horizontally and 64ft vertically from the tee. What must be the magnitude and direction of the initial velocity if a ball is to strike the green at this location after a time of 4 seconds?

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    x=Vot 240ft=Vox(4) Vox= 60m/s s= Vot+1/2at^2 64ft=V0y(4s^2)+1/2(-32ft/s)^2Voy=80ft/s V=sqrrtV2x+V2y=sqrrt(60ft/s)^2+(80ft/s)^2
    tan theta =80ft/s/60ft/s

    answer is
    100 ft/s
    theta =53.1 degrees
    I believe it is question 6-51

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