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what is the GCF and the LCM fo 10-75-55 could you please explain to me how to do this. Thank you

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    10 = 2*5
    75 = 3*5*5
    55 = 5*11

    The GCF is the largest number that divides into all three numbers,
    in this case 5
    the GCF ≤ the smallest of the numbers

    The LCM is that number which contains all the factors that are found in all the numbers
    in this case it is 2*3*5*5*11 = 1650
    It is the smallest number that the given numbers divide INTO evenly
    the LCD ≥ the largest of the given numbers.

    for the LCD I usually write down the longest string of factors, then looking at the other group of factors, I include any others not yet included in my string.

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