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Medical Information Management and Office Practice

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Please check my answers.
1.Dr. Jones used an abbreviation that no one was familiar with. What can be done to prevent this from happening in the future?
A. Ask the physician to take a course on medical abbreviations.
B.Designate an approved abbreviations list.
C.Incorporate this abbreviation into the approved list.
D.Mark through the abbreviation with correction fluid so that the physician will be alerted to never use it again.
My Answer: Between B or C

2. You're the medical record director for a new hospital. Which of the following numbering systems do accrediting and regulatory agencies recommend?
B.Social Security
D.Terminal digit
My answer: D

3. The medical record number can be described as
A.the health care facility's identification number
B.a unique patient number assigned by the health care facility
C.assigned at discharge
D.assigned after the patient's initial work-up
My answer:B

4.When a hospital is involvedin a lawsuit, what part of the health care team is resposible for participation?
A.Governing board
B.Doctors involved in the case
C.Doctors and nurses involved in the case
D.Chief financial officer
My answer: C

5.Open shelves are recommended for high volume file rooms. Which of the following is a possible disadvantage of open shelf files?
A.Increased operational efficiency
B.Less expensive than file cabinets
C.faster pullability of records
D.Thirty-six inches necessary for aisles between units.
My answer: A
Thanks for the help!

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