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Are the following sentences possible?
Thank you very much.

1) He shot me in the leg.
2) He showed me the way to the supermarket.
3) He likes shooting.
4) He shouted at him.
5) I always show my gift card to the check-out clerk so that I can get a discount on what I buy.
6)When I'm at the check-out counter, I put my shopping on the conveyor belt for the clerk to (how do you express the fact that a bar code is typed in?)
7) I had a satellite dish installed by the aerial fitter. Now I can watch English channels through my decoder (?)
8) She pretended she was't rud to Jason. She pretended not to be rude to Jason (are they both possible?)

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    6) scan--
    When I'm at the check-out counter, I put my items* on the conveyor belt for the clerk to scan. * maybe a better word.

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