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Two planes leave an airport at the same time, one flying east, the other flying west.The eastbound plane travels 100 mph slower. They are 3040mi apart after 4hrs. find the speed of each plane

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    let speed of slower plane be x mph
    then speed of faster plane is x+100 mph

    solve for x

    4x + 4(x+100) = 3040

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    I got x=330 what do i do from there. How do i get the speed of each plane from there?

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    I defined x as the speed of the slower speed
    so the slower plane has speed of 330 mph
    I defined x+100 as the speed of the faster plane, so
    faster plane goes (330+100) or 430 mph

    what is 4(330) + 4(430) ?

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    3040...okay thanks

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