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How many square inches are needed to cover a square foot? My Dad and I don't see eye to eye on this one--- My Dad says 144 I say the answer is 12 inches squared. Who is correct??

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    Your Dad is correct. It's 144 square inches. To cover a square foot you need 144 squares, each measuring 1 inch x 1 inch.

    Your answer is just one step in arriving at the correct answer.

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    1 square inches = 0.00694444 square feet

    12 sq inches = 0.08333 sq ft

    1 square ft = 144 sq inches

    12 inches squared = 144 sq inches

    you are both right

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    1 foot=12 in

    (1 foot)^2 =(12 in)^2

    1square foot = 144square inchs

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    do not have a answer

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