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A 32.85-{\rm g} sample of a solid is placed in a flask. Toluene, in which the solid is insoluble, is added to the flask so that the total volume of solid and liquid together is 46.00 mL. The solid and toluene together weigh 58.56 g. The density of toluene at the temperature of the experiment is 0.864 {\rm g/mL}.

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    the question is looking for the density of the solid, FYI.

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    Nicole--You persist in using symbols and defining them. IF 32.85 is grams of the solid (I don't what the garbage is) and 0.864 is density in g/mL, then

    58.56 g = mass solid + mass toluene
    32.85 g = mass solid
    25.71 g = mass toluene used.

    volume of toluene = mass/density = 25.71/0.864 = 29.76 mL.
    Check my work, especially for typos.

    46.00 mL = volume solid + toluene
    29.76 mL = volume toluene
    xxx mL = volume solid

    density solid = mass/volume = ??

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