6th grade math

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Form and equivalent division problem for
5 / 1/3 by multiplying both the dividend and divisor by 3. Then find the quotient.

IS it 5 / 3/9
Do I finish by mutliplying
5/1 x 9/3(reciprocal)?

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    5 / 1/3

    5 x 3 = 15
    1/3 x 3 = 3/3 = 1

    Then find the quotient,
    15/1 = 15

    IF you did have to divide 5 by 3/9
    you would multiple 5 by the reciprocal of 3/9, so
    5 / 3/9 = 5 x 9/3 = 45/3
    Yes, you were correct IF you had to divide by 3/9.

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    107.25/ 0.03

  • 6th grade math -

    i did

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