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Geometry check my answer?

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Small Pizza- radius 6 in. cost $9.75
Medium- radius 8in cost $12
Large-diameter 20 in cost $16.50

The edge is stuffed with cheese, and its the best part of the pizza/ What size has the most pizza edge pr dollar? what is the circumference of this pizza?


so i find the area of all the pizza, how do i find the cost per slice? per dollar?

Small- area- 113.04
Medium- area-200.96
Large- area -314
what do i do next? Thanks :)

  • Geometry check my answer? -

    It is edge (or circumference) per dollar you want, not area in this case
    so divide each circumference by the cost to find the edge per dollar.

    (I do not agree that the edge is the best, but so be it)

  • Geometry check my answer? -

    C = pi * d
    C = 3.14 * 12
    C = 37.68

    9.75 / 37.68 = $0.259 per per inch

    Follow the same procedure for the medium and large pizzas to find the cost per inch of circumference.

    2. Into how many pieces will you divide each pizza?

  • Geometry check my answer? -

    medium- $0.238
    large- $0.262

    Then what do i do? I am kind of very confused.

  • Geometry check my answer? -

    What is the surface area with a dimeter of 40mm and the height is 16mm?

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