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Geometry check my answer?

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Wilbur Wrong is flying his remote control plane in a circle with a radius of 28 meters. His brother clocks the plane at 16 seconds per revolution. What is the speed of the plane? Express your answer in meters per second. The brothers may be wrong, but you could be right!

----------------------------------------my work.

c= pi*d
c=28* 3.14

speed= distance over time

speed= 175.84 divided by 16
speed = 10.99 meters per second

Am I right? Please correct me because I was not at school for a few days so I missed lots of math class! And we have a test on Monday!

  • Geometry check my answer? -

    28 was the radius, not the diameter.
    c = 2 pi R = 2 * 3.14 * 28

  • Geometry check my answer? -

    The answer is correct.
    However, you need to correct the step
    c=28* 3.14
    c = (2*28)* 3.14
    which corresponds to the formula c = πd.

  • Geometry check my answer? -

    Thanks so much!

    c=56*3.14 :)

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