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Math Need an explanation

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Could someone please explain to me why this is true:

5^2/3x25^2/3=25 I understand problems like 5^4+5=5^5 is false, but it's simpler. I'm just not getting what makes the top problem true

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    You need to use parentheses in your problem


    I have no idea what this means?

    Is this your problem?
    5^2/3 x 25^2/3 = 25
    This does not equal 25.

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    For the above to be true you will have to write it s

    (5^(2/3)) (25^(2/3))

    = (5^(2/3))(5^(4/3))
    = 5^(6/3)
    = 5^2
    = 25

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    thanks REINY. After seeing your post, the problem, as I typed without parentheses, is apparent. I don't know why I didn't see that! Parentheses are nice though.

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