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What is the force of gravity at 220 miles above Earth's surface? Calculate how much of a g force the astronauts are actually experiencing. The solution for this math problem is a percentage.
You can calculate it using the Algebraic equation: gr = R2/r2 x g
R = the radius of the planet
r = the distance from the center of mass of the planet to the center of mass of the object in orbit
g = the gravitational attraction of the planet on objects on its surface
gr = the gravitational attraction of the planet as felt on the less massive object

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    Your definition of gr is incorrect. The mass of the object stays the same but the value of the acceleration decreases with altitude.

    All you have to do is apply the formula
    gr = (R^2/r^2) * g

    The value of r 220 miles above the earth's surface is
    r = 220 + R, where
    R = 3959 miles

    All you have to do is calculate the factor
    (R/r)^2 = (3959/4179)^2

    They want you to express the answer as a percent reduction from 1.000

    You cannot actually calculate a force since you were not given a mass value.

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    looks like someone is cheating on their NASA HAS lesson 3 assignment

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    hey Bumble, no idea what youre talking about, but if he is cheating on an assignment, why are you on this site looking at his answer? by default, your accusation implies that you also cheated on your homework. FAIL!

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    And the answer is still wrong, you have the wrong formula and forgot 9.81 as surface grav.

    Gr=R^2/R^2 * G
    Gr= (6378^2/6598^2) *9.81
    Gr= 9 . 166 708 367

    IDK about the percent thing

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