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I am writing a 300-word program analysis for a human services organization. I cannot seem to apply the six policy fundamentals to the program I am using. I keep reffering to my text/notes but it just doesn't make sense.

Any tips or adive would be appreciated!

Thank you

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    If you post the six policy fundamentals here, we'll try to help you.

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    1. Mission, Goals, Objectives
    2. Forms of Benefits or Services Delivered
    3. Entitlement (Eligibility) Rules
    4. Administrative of Organizational Structure for Service Delivery
    5. Financing Method
    6. Interactions among the Foregoing Elements

    Thank you

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    If you answer these questions about the program you're studying, you should be in good shape.

    1. What are the mission, goals and objectives of this program?

    2. What services and benefits does this program deliver?

    3. Who is eligible for this program?

    4. What is the organizational structure? Who reports to whom? Who is responsible for what?

    5. How is this program funded?

    6. How do these fundamentals fit together? Do they all work together to fulfill the goals and objectives?

  • Public Policy Human Services -

    That will help; thank you very much.

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    You're very welcome. Good luck.

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