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A couch with a mass of 100 kg is placed on an adjustable ramp attached to a truck. As one end raises, the couch begins to move downward. If it sldes with an acceleration of .79 m/s^2 at 12 degrees, what is the coefficient of kinetic friction.

I still am having troubles with this problem.

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    So, it is sliding down this 12 degree ramp. It does not matter that a truck is attached. The truck is not moving.

    The weight of the couch provides a force down the ramp of
    M g sin 12 = 203.8 N

    The net force acting on the couch in that direction is
    Fnet = M*a = 79 N

    Fnet = 203.8 - Ffriction
    Ffriction = 124.8 N

    The kinetic friction coefficient (Uk) can be obtained from

    Ffriction = M*g*cos12 *Uk = 124.8 N

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    Thanks!I get it now. I had gotten the normal force, but I wasn't sure how to get the force of friction, but this helps.

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