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Where can I find examples of the sentence pattern Pronoun-verb-article-noun, conjunction-pronoun-verb-adverb on the internet?

I need 5 examples.

Thank You.

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    I doubt if you'll find that exact pattern on the internet.

    Do you understand the meanings of these words?

    We'll be glad to help you if you post your sentence using this pattern.

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    I doubt you'll find anything like that. It looks as if you'll need to write your own.

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    The example we were given was - He was a fine doctor, but he was growing old. My assignment was to find 5 sentences that use this pattern.

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    Then you should start doing a lot of reading. Start here:





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    As Writeacher said, you'll need to write your own.

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    Thanks for your help.

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    IMO -- your example sentence doesn't follow the pattern.

    The last word, "old," is an adjective, not an adverb. In this sentence, "was growing" is a linking verb. It's followed by the predicate adjective, "old," which describes "he."

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