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Can any one let me know how long it will take to complete Medical & billing certificate i am doing from Penn Foster and i am doing 4th assignement & 4 moths are over,it really sucks with projects kindly help me with ur comments what should i do continue or quit ?

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    I know very little about Penn Foster -- except that some of the "students" post entire tests here and ask for someone to do their test for them.

    I urge you to check out local community colleges to find medical and billing courses. Or maybe this isn't a field in which you want to work. At any rate, talk with a counselor at a public junior college.

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    Try some of these sites for answers. When you began, were you told how long it should take? Can you work at your own speed? Consider both the time and the money spent as well as job-placement services.


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    "student"? Pfft.....I'm offended. I have worked very hard on this correspondence program, and have never asked for answers. What is the point of THAT!? I'm learning as a "student" does, find it interesting, and challenging. Community college is not an option for some of us. I have homeschooled my daughter through high school, with the help of some correspondence courses. She has just applied to 5 colleges in Manhattan and was excepted to the first one within 3 days! Don't knock correspondence until you've tried it. I have found SOME helpful info on this site, mostly from other Penn Foster students.

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