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Can you check these sentences on Elizabeth I's film, please? Thank you

1) In 1585, Roman Catholic Spain, under the rule of King Philip II , is the most powerful country in Europe.
2) Philip intends to make war against Protestant England in retaliation for English piracy of Spanish ship.
3) In particular, he plans to take over England, and make his daughter Isabella the Queen of England in Elizabeth's place.
4) Elizabeth is pressured to marry by her advisor. As a matter of fact, if she doesn’t marry, the throne will pass to her next of kin, Mary, Queen of Scots.
5) The Queen is presented with portraits of appropriate suitors, but Elizabeth refuses to marry.
6) Elizabeth commands that the Native Americans should be treated well, and refuses to accept the gold.
7) Elizabeth is attracted to Raleigh, fascinated by his tales of exploration, and asks her most favored lady-in-waiting, nicknamed Bess, to observe him.

  • English -

    2) of a Spanish ship OR of Spanish ships


  • English -

    2 - ships (not ship)

    3 - no comma after "England"

    6 - I don't think Native Americans were called by that term in Elizabethan England. If you want to be authentic, then call them American Indians.

    7 - add "is" in front of "fascinated"

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