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ee ann wants to mix tea with 2 Cents per oz with 100oz of tea worth 5 cents per oz to make a mixture worth 3 cents per oz. how much 2 cent tea should be used?

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    x = number oz of cheaper tea
    .02x = value of cheaper tea
    100 = number oz of better tea
    .05 * 100 = 5.00 = value of better tea
    .03 = value of mixture
    .03(x + 100) = value of mixture

    .02x + 5.00 = .03(x + 100)
    .02x + 5.00 = 3.00 + .03x
    2.00 = .01x
    x = 200

    200 oz of .02 tea

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    from above
    .03 = value of mixture

    this should be
    x + 100 = mixture total number of oz

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