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Physics (URGENT!)

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-vehicle 1: 2,060lbs
-vehicle 2: 5,800lbs
-both roads are 45mph
-The cars were impacted at right angles
-roadway was dry, 69 degrees
-friction between tire & road: .60=mu
-skid marks (PRIOR to impact): v1=20ft, v2=7ft.

*you can find the entire problem w/ more info online if you google: "john henry vehicle 5,800" it'll be the first one.

we need to figure out what was the
-velocity of both cars before impact.
-how fast does a car need to go to leave a 7ft. skid mark from a dead stop? (this ties into trying to solve who was speeding, or if both were, and if one ran the stop sign.)

*please show all work and formulas used. thankyou!

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