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Chem 10

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Calculate the value of the following in exponential form, using standard scientific or "e" notation (for example, 105 = 1.05e2). Enter the correct number of significant figures.
(2.700e2 cm)3 / (1.20e3 cm)2

Can't understand how many sig figs.

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    I think the brackets might be in the wrong place for the units, however..

    ...the significant figures in the answer are determined by the minimum number of sig figs in the division. By putting the values into scientific notation the sig figs are obvious, which they are not when the values are written out in full.

    2.700e2 cm3 4 sig figs

    1.20e3 cm2 3 sig figs

    so the answer should be to 3 sig figs as this is the smallest number of sig figs in the division.

    I'll leave to sort out is the calculation is really

    (2.700e2 cm)3 / (1.20e3 cm)2


    2.700e2 cm3 / 1.20e3 cm2

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