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Should mentally handicapped people be allowed to have children?

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    The word "should" means you are being asked your opinion.

    Let us know what YOU THINK, and then someone here will be able to comment on your thinking.

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    i was thinking yes and no, because there are many factors that play in raising a child, it depends on the level of their mental retardation and if they can support and provide for a child and handle all the responsibilites that come with raising a child..
    but the paper im writing askes me to choose a side..and i am unsure which to choose because those that are mentally handicapped have limits on what they can do but they are human beings and do have the right to reproduce, who are we to tell them what they can and cannot do, so of them might even make better parents than those that are considered "normal"

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    Whichever side of the issue you choose to support, be sure to truly support it -- and not be wishy-washy!!

    It sounds as if the second half of what you wrote above is what you truly believe, so develop those ideas and see what you come up with. If you want someone here to read over what you write and give you feedback, be sure to post it.

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    what would be another support to why they should be able to..i have 2 so far

    1. they have the right to do so

    2. some mentally disabled people are able to provide and care for themselves


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