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multiply (2 sqrt 7 -5 sqrt 3)(8 sqrt7-5 sqrt 3)

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    Why did you ignore Writeacher's advice to follow directions and type your school subject in the appropriate box?

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    multiply (2 sqrt 7 -5 sqrt 3)(8 sqrt7-5 sqrt 3)

    (2 sqrt 7 -5 sqrt 3)(8 sqrt7-5 sqrt 3)
    112 - 50(sqrt 21) + 75
    187 - 50(sqrt 21)

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    why does that matter,and apparently is college math 209. If you all do not want to assist with the math questions then maybe you should consider not anwering instead asking irrevelent questions, people really need assistance with the posted questions, not questions that really does not matter, if you want to help, help it not just all back and let those who really like helping, help us who are in need!

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    Your correct subject is a matter of courtesy toward the tutors and the best way for you to receive expert help.

    We have over 300 separate threads a day and only a few tutors. Math tutors, especially, are really busy answering questions and often won't even open a post that doesn't have math on the subject line.

    Thanks to our helper for even looking at your question and answering it for you.

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    I am sure you will have questions later as well. Be sure to use the subject "grammar" when posting. :-)

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