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I forgot to include the following sentences.

1) I had a stomachache OR I had stomach ache?
2) I have a terrible sore throat. I think you should take a dose (can you say an effervescent tablet) of anti-inflammatory after main meals (lunch, dinner) and a tablespoonful/teaspooful of syrup before going to bed. (a cup of hot milk with honey?)
3) I think you should go to a physotherapist and have a massage.
4) I cut my finger while I was slicing some bread. The surgeon put five stitches on my finger.
5) I fell off the hose and I broke my right ankle. I had my leg put in plaster. (I had a cast on my leg for a month. OR I was in a plaster for a month).
6) The doctor prescribed a painkiller to be taken twice a day on a full stomach.
7) As I had diarrhoea the doctor prescribed milk enzymes to be taken on an empty stomach.
8) I think you should go to the eye specialist (not 's) and have your eyes tested. I think you should have your blood pressure taken and your blood tested.

  • English -

    1. Keep "a"

    2. Delete the words in parentheses. The rest is fine. (I don't think an antacid will help with a sore throat, though!!)

    3. spelling --> physiotherapist

    4. in my finger (not "on...")

    5. I fell off the ______. (Do you mean "house"?)
    "I had a cast on my leg for a month."

    6. - OK

    7. - OK

    8. Right -- no 's on "specialist"

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