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suppose your instuctor has asked you to do a study of homessness

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    OK. How do you plan to undertake a study of homelessness?

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    Observations is a start and a way to get personally involved. These observations can be in the form of volunteering at a meal site and a homeless shelter.

    You'd also need to read studies analyzing homeless people. How many are drug addicts or mentally challenged? How many lost their homes because of being laid off? What are other reasons that people are homeless?

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    How can a sociologist genuinely maintain value neutrality while studying a group that he or she finds repugnant

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    A good sociolgist understands the underlying causes and characteristics of a group. Knowledge and empathy will dissipate the repugnance.

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    new technolgies have benefited sociological research by facilitating statistical analysis and encouraging communication among scholars. can you think of any potential draw backs these new technologies might have for sociological investigation?

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    It might take the human element out of the investigation.

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