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Part One of Two:

Ø Resources: Appendix A, Appendix C, and Table 8.3 on pp. 258-259 of Medical Insurance

Ø Due Date: Day 7 [Assignments section] January 16, 2011

A 67-year-old Medicare patient presents to the office, exhibiting symptoms of HIV infection. After detailed examination, symptoms are determined to be advanced AIDS with manifestation of Kaposi’s sarcoma and other opportunistic infections. (CODE ONLY THE DIAGNOSIS CODE CATEGORIES, THERE SHOULD NOT BE 1 ICD-9 CODE)
Name: James Brown
Account Number: 080811
Insurer: Medicare
Policy Number: 1098765
ID number: 12345678910
DOB: 02/01/1940
Gender: Male
Insured: James Brown
Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Wash. D.C. 60000
Marital Status: Widowed
Patient’s Employer: Retired
Nature of Condition: HIV, AIDS, Kaposi’s sarcoma
Date of Illness: 06/01/2007
Referring Physician: Thomas Glassman, M.D.
Physician ID: 1080808080
Federal Tax ID: 5551116679
Dates of Service: 06/01/2007, 06/15/2007, 07/07/2007, 08/01/2007
Procedure: Detailed examination, screening blood panel, pathology services (DO NOT CODE)
Patient Signature

Include ICD (categories only), exclude CPT, HCPCS.

Ø If you believe there is insufficient information provided to fill a required field with data, indicate this by typing “N/A”.

Ø Post the completed CMS-1500 form as an attachment.

Part Two:

Ø Compose a 1,500- to 1,750-word essay discussing implications of both forms of the patient’s diseases (HIV and AIDS) from the perspective of HIPAA confidentiality. Include the following in your essay:

o Discuss why HIV and AIDS information is more sensitive than other types of health conditions.
o Examine the social, legal, and ethical ramifications of improper information disclosure.
o Provide a minimum of three references from the University Library or the Internet.
o Format your essay according to APA guidelines.

That is the assignment, my question is what exactly does part two mean? How am I suppose to write that, am I suppose to write the essay about the patient in part one or just those things in general if they happened to anyone?

  • hcr/220 -

    It sounds as if you are to focus on the diseases, but at the same time, I think your paper would be more interesting to write -- and to read! -- if you use this patient's situation as a framework. If you think that's too fine a line, then focus on the diseases from the perspective of confidentiality laws.


    APA - best site I've found for this:
    Use the "table of contents" at the left for specific topics.


    If you need help learning how to search, including how to choose good search terms, go here and scroll down to the links under HOW TO SEARCH THE INTERNET:

    Also ... do you have access to a college or public library? Even if you go to the library only once to get a library card/number, you should be able to get the usernames and passwords so you can access the huge databases most libraries subscribe to these days. You'll often find better information through them than through general searches on the Internet.

    Here is an example -- one college's library website (but public libraries usually have many of these, too): (Broken Link Removed)
    Click on Electronic Resources/Databases to see the different databases this particular college provides for its students. EBSCOhost, ProQuest, and Facts.com are among the largest and best.

    What does your library provide? That's a good place to research.

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