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Inv. No. Check
Date Description Name or Date No. Terms Amount
Mar. 1 Received merchandise and invoice Soy Industries Mar. 1 2/15, n/30 42,600
2 Merchandise sold (cost $7,900) Min Cho 854 2/10, n/30 15,800
3 Purchased office supplies Stacy Company Mar. 3 n/10 EOM 1,120
3 Merchandise sold (cost $4,600) Lance Snow 855 2/10, n/30 9,200
6 Borrowed on long-term note payable Federal Bank 72,000
9 Purchased office equipment Tells Supply Mar. 9 n/10 EOM 20,850
10 Sold merchandise (cost $2,300) Taylor Few 856 2/10, n/30 4,600
12 Received payment less discount Min Cho 854 2/10, n/30
13 Paid invoice less discount Soy Industries Mar. 3 416 2/10, n/30
13 Received payment less discount Lance Snow 855 2/10, n/30
14 Purchase merchandise JW Company Mar. 13 2/10, n/30 31,625
15 Check issued for sales salaries 417 15,900
15 Cash sales for first half of month (cost $138,000) 164,680
16 Purchased store

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