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A term for research procedures that test some sort of stimulus as a proxy for a new, revised, or remarketed product or service.
A. experience survey
B. situational analysis
C. thematic apperception test
D. concept test

I've eliminated A and C but can't seem to find enough info on B or D to make a decision. It sounds like B would be the choice, but I'm just not sure.

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    I believe you're right, that it's B. This article gives a different explanation of a concept test.

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    I have another question...

    One study found that passengers flying on Boeing-747s preferred them to L-1011s, while passengers flying on L-1011s preferred them to Boeing-747s. This is an example of:
    A. random sampling error.
    B. social desirability bias.
    C. administration error – sample selection error.
    D. response bias.

    Isn't B and D the same? So would this be an example of C because A doesn't apply?

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