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Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a brief review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show.
Bold each adverb.
Underline each adjective. Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, use at least three comparatives and three superlatives.

My reply:
One of my favorite movies is A Goofy Movie. In this movie Max tries to impress a girl he likes named Roxanne. He ends up getting in trouble in school, which causes his father (Goofy) to worry about him doing to jail and ending up in the electric chair. So, to avoid this problem, Goofy takes his son on a road trip to Disney Land. Max is so depressed and disappointed about the trip. Especially considering, the fact that he promised Roxanne a date to watch the Power Line concert at Roxanne’s friend Stacy’s house. In order for Max to not hurt Roxanne and avoid breaking his promise date, he tells her a lie. He says he is going to Los Vegas to perform on stage with Power Line, which his father Goofy knows nothing about. The trip is boring to Max and he is angry and frustrated with his father. It seems as if it is tearing them apart. Goofy wanted to teach Max how to fish, so he stopped at a camping site. Max was not willing or wanting to learn, so Goofy went to put up a tent. As he was putting the tent up Max’s friend PJ and his dad pulled up. Turns out that Max had told PJ that he changed his dad’s map to take them to the Power Line concert instead of Disney Land. PJ’s father over heard them talking and ends up telling Goofy. This has torn Goofy further apart from his son. In the end Max ends up telling his father the truth and understands his point. So they go to the Power Line concert and Max and his father Goofy performs on stage by accident with Power Line. This has bought the two closer together and gave then a father son bond. Back at home Roxanne is pleased to see Max on TV. When Max and his father returns home Max explained to Roxanne that it was a lie and what he did. She forgave him and he was excited about them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

can you help me find the adverbs and adjectives?
how do I compare to three comparatives and three superlatives?

  • COM/155 -

    Since you can not underline here, you might put the words in parentheses (...) or capitalize the word (XXXXX)

    Comparative is between two things. Examples: the red book is larger than the green book / this paper is better than that one / it often contains the word "more" or "less" if not -er as the 2 examples preceding. The veal is tastier (more tasty) than the beef.

    Superlative = is the MOST or -est. This is the BEST meal. That is the MOST innane sentence. My sister is the PRETTIEST in the family.

    An adjective modifies a noun, or nouns. What a LARGE house. What a PRETTY girl. That is a STUPID sentence.

    An adverb modifies an adjective or a verb, and usually ends in -ly. This is VASTLY different. Would you drive SLOWLY, please.


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