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I forgot to include the following sentences.

1)1)About half an hour before take-off you go to your gate number, where you wait before you get on the plane.
Finally, you board the plane and find your seat.
2)If you have a hand luggage, you can put it under your seat or in the overhead locker above your seat.
Before take-off a steward explain ( don't know the words for this')
3)A flight can be delayed of (?) two hours.
There is a two-hour delay on our flight.
4) You fasten/unfasten your seal belt.
5) The stewards can offer you a snack during the flight.
6)When you travel by car on a motorway, you can stop and have a snack at a motorway restaurant. Do you have to pay at tollgates?

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    2) If you have hand luggage...

    a steward will explain OR explains

    3) delayed two hours OR delayed for two hours


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