advance algebra

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1. x+4 < 32

2. -3(y+10)<= 4(y+10)

3. |-3x|<= 9

4. |2x-1|>= 8

5. |5x-3|>=15

>= greater than or equal
<= less than or equal

  • advance algebra -

    Follow the same steps for inequations as you do for equations, EXCEPT ...
    when you multiply or divide both sides by a negative, reverse the inequality sign.

    e.g. #2
    -3(y+10)<= 4(y+10)
    -3y - 30 ≤ 4y + 40
    -3y - 4y ≤ 40 + 30
    -7y ≤ 70
    divide by -7
    y ≥ =10

    for absolute values ...
    e.g. #5
    |5x-3| ≥ 15
    5x-3 ≥ 15 OR -5x+3 ≥ 15
    5x ≥ 18 OR -5x ≥ 12

    x ≥ 18/5 OR x ≤ -12/5

    Do the others the same way, in #3 use AND as the separator.

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