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Explain how totalitarian rulers were able to acquire power during the 1930s. Describe at least two specific totalitarian leaders, the conditions in their countries that played a part in their rise to power, and the way they used those conditions to gain power.

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    I needed someone to explain to me your answer to my question so I can write a paragraph on it. Please don't give me a Wikipedia link, I need someone to actually explain this to me without just saying, "go here". I really appreciate you going through to the work to help me. :) Thank you!

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    Europeans were ripe for despotic rulers. They were accustomed to following leaders and had a short history of democratic activism. Adolf Hitler promised hope for the Germans, who were devastated financially and emotionally by their loss of World War I. Benito Mussolini, as a total dictator, organized Italy and installed efficient practices, including making the trains run on time.

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