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COMM 155

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use at least 5 adverbs and 5 adjectives to write a brief review of a movie
bold each adverb
underline each adjective
use at least 3 comparatives and 3 superlatives
Twilight is romantic, intriguing, and full of subtle humor. It is a modern day love story of a young woman named Bella Swan. Bella is willing to give everything including her life to be with the one she loves. Unfortunaly the one she loves is a hundred and eight year old vampire named Edward Cullen. Edward, who thought that he was destined to be alone was waiting patiently for his soul mate. No matter how pure and simple their love is it is not without obstacles including warewolves.
The vampires are said to be extremely beautiful. Bella states that it sometimes hurt to look at them because of that fact. The Cullen family is no exception. They each have things that make them special and contribute to their way of life. Edward has the ability to read minds. Emit is very strong and his girlfriend Rosalie is the most beautiful of them all. Then there are Alice and Jasper. Alice has the ability to see into the future and Jasper is capable of affecting others moods. Together they function as a whole to keep the family intact.
This becomes extremely hard to do when coming in contact with James and Victoria. While out hunting for food in Cullen territory the stumble upon Bella. James is a hunter and a vicious one at that. Once he catches Bella’s scent he will stop at nothing to have her. He eagerly begins to hunt her. Thankfully the Cullen’s are smarter than James and quickly devise a plan to keep Bella safe.

Did I mark all of the adverbs and adjectives correctly and use 3 each of the comparatives and superlatives

  • COMM 155 -

    Please list the adverbs and adjectives, comparatives and superlatives for us. If you tried to bold and underline words, they didn't come through in your post.

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