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Write the correctword or words in the (parentheses).

1. (she,her) and grandfather lived in Swiss Alps. (She)

2. Heidi and (he,him)tend goats together. (he)

3. Grandfather is stern, although no one is kinder then (he,him). (him)

4.(we, us) readers grow fond of grandfather. (we)

5. My favorite character is (he, him). (he)

6. (she, her) and Peter tend goats. (her)

7. Heidi says good-bye to (Peter and he, Peter and him). (peter and he)

8. (we, us) readers feel vary sympathetic toward Heidi. (we)

9. In fact, I felt almost as sad as (she,her). (her)

10. Klara and (she, her) become friends in the city. (her)

11. Heidi's dearest friends are grandfather and (he, him). (him)

12. Klara can not walk, so Haidi aids the family and (her, she). (her)

plz help

  • grammar -

    3. kinder than he (is).

    6. Which is the subject -- she or her?

    7. Which is the object pronoun? Hint: Omit Peter to find the correct pronoun.

    9. as sad as she (is)

    10. Which is the subject?

    11. You need the subject pronoun after is because it's a predicate nominative.

    The others are correct.

  • grammar -

    thx a lot

  • grammar -

    You're welcome.

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