11th grade math

posted by Elizabeth

How do you do Absolute Value Functions with graphs?

  1. Bosnian

    Go to:

    en wikipedia org

    And type:Absolute value

    You will see everything about Asolute Value including graph.

  2. michael

    who are you

  3. E*

    The easiest way would be to use a graphing calculator.
    Given: |2x+5|+5=4
    1. Turn on your graphing calculator and press y=.
    2. Once you're there, press 2nd -> 0 -> ENTER.
    3. Now you get this: abs(put the absolute value equation) *dont forget to 'close' the parentheses*
    It will look like this on your calculator: Y1 = abs(2x+5)+5
    4. Press the down arrow on your calculator to move to the next line. Punch in what your absolute value equation is EQUAL/LESS THAN/MORE THAN TO.
    Y1 = abs(2x+5)+5
    Y2 = 4
    Hit Enter.
    5. To obtain the table of values from the graph, press 2nd -> GRAPH.

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