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I have a few other questions I forgot to ask you in my previous post. Can you see if the following remedies are possible?

1) Have you hurt yourself?
Does it hurt?
Are you hurt? Yes, I think broke my finger (Can you say that?)
2) I've broken my leg. I think you should go to hospital and have it put in a cast (?)
3) I have hurt my knee. I think you should put some ointment/an ice pack on it.
4) I have cut my finger. You should disinfect the wound and put a plaster on it. (I think you should treat it with a disinfectant first).
5)I have twisted my ankle. I think you should see a physiotherapist.
6) I have high temperature. I think you should call for the doctor and stay in bed.
7) I think you should see a dentist (go to the dentist's, make a dentist's appointment). You should have your teeth checked.
The doctor prescribed me a paracetamol tablet once every eight hours.

  • English -

    1 - Yes, all is fine.

    2 - Is this an example of question and answer? If not, then "you" needs to disappear. What should go in its place?

    3-6 - same as 2

    7 - OK

    last one - delete "me" - add "to be taken" after "tablet"

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