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Is this a buffer system? NH3/(NH4)2SO4?

It is formed by mixing NH3 (weak base) and a strong acid (H2SO4), but according to my worksheet it is not a buffer system. Why is this so? Isnt it a buffer as long as it consists of a weak base and its salt of a strong acid?

Please do not give me links because i have done researching on the internet prior to this already.

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    Yes, it is a buffer, at least in most cases. You might look at the mole NH3 and moles H2SO4. It may be that the H2SO4 has neutralized all of the NH3 present so you have an excess of H2SO4 (no NH3 present) along with the ammonium sulfate salt and that would not be a buffer.
    2NH3 + H2SO4 ==> (NH4)2SO4

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