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1 M LiF(aq) will have (lower, the same, higher) conductivity than 1 M CsI(aq)?

A. Same, all ions (Li+Cs+F–and I–) have the same magnitude of charge.
B. Lower, the smaller ions (Li+ and F–) have a higher charge density, and therefore, a greater attraction to solvating H2O molecules than the larger ions (Cs+ and I–) The hydrated smaller ions actually a larger size that makes moving through solution more difficult.
C. Same, because 1 M aqueous solutions of LiF and CsI each contain a 2 M concentration of ions according to the dissolution equations: LiF(s) Li+(aq) + F–(aq) & CsI(s) Cs+(aq) + I–(aq)
D. Higher, (Li+andF–) are smaller ions and are able to move through solution more easily.
E. Conductivity values are completely empirical. The measurements need to be taken in lab to find the answer.

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