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A conveyer belt is driven by a large (diameter = 1.0 m) wheel. The wheel starts from rest and has an angular acceleration of 0.35 rad/s 2.

(a) Through what angle does the wheel turn in 18 s?
(b) What is the wheel's angular velocity at that time?

On the belt is a large crate. At t = 18 s:

(c) Through what distance has the crate moved since t = 0 ?
(d) What is the crate's linear speed ?

(e) What is the acceleration of the crate?

(f) What is the radial acceleration of a small lump of grease on the rim of the wheel?
(g) A 25 g lump of grease is on the rim of the driving wheel. How large must the friction force be to keep it from flying off at t = 18 s?


Not sure how to go about f and g.. HELP?
also do the other answers look right?

  • physics -

    a. d = 0.5at^2,
    d = 0.5 * 0.35 * (18)^2 = 56.7rad.

    b. V = at = 0.35 * 18 = 6.3m/s.

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