Spanish 1-Please check and help

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I have to say today is January 12,2011. It is winter. It is very cold. I am wearing a jacket, gloves, scarf and boots. In six months, it will be July 12, 2011. It is warm. It is summer. I will be wearing shorts and sandals.

This is as far as I got. I'm not sure how to say 2011. I don't know how to say In six months and the rest of what I need Please help-

Hoy es el doce de enero. Es invierno. Hace mucho frío. Yo llevo una chaqueta, guantes, bufanda y botas. En seis meses,
Thank you

  • Spanish 1-Please check and help -

    I'm not sure what you mean-by "y" All I know I have to have it for class tomorrow.
    Thank you

  • Spanish 1-Please check and help -

    Thanks Angel, for trying to help-I think my first sentence is correct-I'm just missing the 2011 in Spanish and then the rest. Maybe SraJMcGin will help later

    Thanks again for your help

  • Spanish 1-Please check and help -

    no problemo

  • Spanish 1-Please check and help -

    2011 = dos mil once
    it will be = será el doce de julio de dos mil once.

    Hace calor. Es el invierno. LLevaré unos pantalones cortos y unas sandalias.


  • Spanish 1-Please check and help -

    Thank you very much-I really appreciate it-

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