Algebra 2

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Can you check my answer and the work? Thank youu~~


128x7 -448x6y -672x5y2 -560x4y3 -280x3y4 -84x2y5 -14xy6 -y7


128x7 -448x6y +672x5y2 - 560x4y3 +280x3y4 -84x2y5 +14xy6 -y7

Ps: the 7 in the equation is the exponent and the numbers after the variable are also the exponent

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    + 672x^5y^2 - 280x^3y^4 + 14xy^6

    only the signs were wrong for the above

    I used an online calculator to expand so I know it's right

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    so is it this?
    128x7 -448x6y +672x5y2 - 560x4y3 +280x3y4 -84x2y5 +14xy6 -y7


    128x7 -448x6y +672x5y2 -280x3y4 +14xy6


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    sorry, I didn't see your 2nd line after
    "or", so the correction applies to your first line/answer

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    k thank youuu~~~ =)

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    you're welcome

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