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what is it about drama that is appealing to peopleÉ

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    They get to act, and be in someone elses shoes all the time, drama can boost up their skills to act and stuff.
    R u asking about dramas(serials)? or is this drama(elective)?

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    am asking about drama in general

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    so yeah it would be because people gain acting skills from drama. Its appealing to people that are not shy, and naturally have the ability to raise their voices.

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    Try some of the following links;



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    Drama is appealing to people because it creates career options and it can last a life time it is also fun to use your emotions in interesting ways you can take anger and make it humerous sadness and make it angry i love drama and my friends find it appealing becuase it is a very broad and interesting subject and a life skill you also can make a lot of friends in drama i meet my best friend in year 10 drama you meet a lot of interesting people that is why it is so appealing

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