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I tried to rephrase them myself. Can you have a look at them, please? In the last sentence I was doubtful whether to use "of" or "from".

1) Wordsworth defined poetry as ....
2)Tha subject matter of poetry should deal with everyday situations.
3)The ship is caught in a violent storm, then by mist and snow.The description is so detailed that the reader feels terrified.
4)First of all, an ancient mariner stops a wedding guest. This is fascinated his glittering eye that casts the spell and makes him listen to the mariner's tale.
5)The role of imagination can be identified with its capacity of coloring that is of modifying the object observed.
6)Victor is dissatisfied (with?) and disgusted by his creation.The monster is created by selecting parts fom beautiful corpses.The monster is created with body parts of (or: selected from?)beautiful corpses.

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    1 - OK

    2 - The (not Tha)

    3 - OK

    4 - Re-think the verbs in the second sentence here.

    5 - The phrase is "capacity to" -- so how will you rephrase this? The end of the sentence (from "coloring" onward) is not clear, doesn't make sense to me.

    6 - Victor is dissatisfied with and disgusted by his creation. The monster is created by using parts chosen fom beautiful corpses.

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