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Can you check these sentences for me, please? Thank you.

1) Wordsworth defined poetry as the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.
2)Tha subject matter of poetry was (were?) everyday situations and the life of men living in the countryside, where man was in direct contact with nature.
3)You don't know the basic rules of morphology. The verb must agree with the subject it refers to!
4) At the beginning of the voyage the ship encounters (?) natural elements.
It is caught in a violent storm, then by mist and snow and finally is surrounded by ice.The description is very detailed so as (better: so that) the reader feels terrified.
5)First of all, there is an ancient mariner who stopped (stops) a wedding guest. He is fascinated by his grey beard and his glittering eye that cast the spell and makes him listen to the mariner's tale.
6)You can't switch from the past to the present when referring to th same description.
7)The role of imagination can be identified with its capacity of coloring that is of modifying the object observed.
8)Victor is dissatisfied and disgusted by his creation.The monster is created by selecting parts of (from) beautiful corpses.The monster is created with body parts from (of?) beautiful corpses.

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    Please read your sentences out loud. Then repost with the 4 or 5 or so you truly have questions about.

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