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which substance takes the shape of and fills the volume of any container into which it is placed ?
(1)H2O (l)

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    Can't you reason through this?
    Will water (liquid) take the shape of the container. Will it fill the volume?
    Will CO2 gas take the shape of the container? Will it fill the volume.
    Will I2 (a solid) take the shape of a container? Will it fill the volume?

    Think about it. If you add a cup of water to a large drinking glass, does it take the shape of the glass? Will it fill the glass to the top?

    Now take a jar with a cap. Screw the cap on. There is air trapped inside. Does the air take the shape of the container? Does it fill the jar to the top?

    Now place a fork (a solid) on a dinner plate. Does the fork take the shape of the dinner plate? Does it take up all the room on the dinner plate?

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    CO2 (g)

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    Please tell me the answer

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