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What is the phase constant (from 0 to 2π rad) for the harmonic oscillator with the velocity function v(t) given in Fig. 15-30 if the position function x(t) has the form x = xmcos(ωt + φ)? The vertical axis scale is set by vs = 5.50 cm/s.
Since i cant figure out how to post the picture i will describe the graph:
the graph is a sin graph and the y intercept is at 5.5 cm/s and the max velocity is 6.875 cm/s. that's aLL. please help me


    The phase constant φ is the value of |ωt| at the point where x has its maximum value, for ω*t between -2 pi and 0. The value of (ωt + φ) will be zero there; the cos function will have its maximum value.

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