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I forgot to include these few last sentences. Thank you.

1) Chaucer projected (?? planned) to write 120 tales.
2) The characters almost come from the same social class because the nobles wouldn't travel (better: wouldn' have agreed to travel with commoners) ad the peasants didn't have enough money for such a trip.
3) Canterbury tales begins at Tabard Inn, where the thirty pilgrims met before startin the pilgrimage to the shrine of Thomas Becket.
4)Each pilgrim should tell two stories going to Canterbury and two going back.
5) The Renaissance covers the period from 1509, when Henry VIII ascended the throne, to 1660, when the Restoration begins (began?).
6) In this period the importance of human (the individual?) grows.
The Tolemaic theory was displaced by the Copernican one.

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    1. planned is better
    2.The travelers come for similar social classes because nobles would have better modes of transportation and peasants would not take such a trip.
    3. Tales is capitalized; comma is not needed.
    4. Should is not appropriate there.
    5. Began is correct.
    6. The individual is better.

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