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Can you please check these sentences,too? Thank you.

1)The men (or men) had the function of linking (also to link?) all creation.
She was married to her people.
2)In contrast/on the contrary, the Spanish ships were slower.
Chaucer suspends judgement on his characters leaving the readers free to choose who are the more or less praiseworthy.
3) The pilgrimage is from London, the city of pleasure to Canterbury, which stands for the celestial city of Jerusalem.
4) He describes the plant which spring (grow) up again in the spring.
5) Check all your spelling mistakes then return it to me.
The pilgrims are presented according to their clothes and professions
6) The medieval character portrait presented the characters as rather static.
7)Henry VIII declared that the king was the head of the English church.
The host suggests they tell two stories on the way to Canterbury and two on the way of return (?)
8) All (the) pilgrims accept and set off (on the pilgrimage).
9) The plants have such a powerful liquid that it makes the flowers sprout.In spring nature comes alive (or comes back to life?)

  • English -

    2) judgment
    Do you know the difference between who and whom? who is nominative (subject) and whom is object = they will choose whom, etc.

    4) plant which springs/grows versus plants which spring/grow

    5) period at the end.....professions.

    7) on the return


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