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I forgot to include these sentences.
I hope you can have a look at them, too.

1)I live on a farm. I like my village because in the summer (in summer?) I can collect fruits, run in the fields and go biking (cycling?).
2) I can also go jogging. In October there is a truffle fair, which attracts a lot of tourists, especially Germans and Swiss (from Germany and Switzerland) to Alba. (Can you use “takes”?)
3) I live in an apartment in the south of town. In my town there is a confectionary and a textile industry.
4)I’d like to live on the Cayman islands. They are Caribbean islands in central America. There is a good (??) sea and a hot weather all year around. 5) It’s a tax heaven because there are a lot of banks. It is composed of four romantic islands (??) in a light-blue sea (surrounded by a light-blue sea) and a pearly-white beach.
6) I enjoy myself a lot in my village because I know everyone. I'm sometimes bored (I get sometimes bored?) because there isn't much to do. All young people in my village meet at a place called "Saint John's".
7) I'd like to live in Turin because I have a lot of friends there (a lot of my friends live there?). THere is a town museum (or civic?) and a renowned public library.
8) The best place in my village is the very top of the hill. That's a place among many trees. It's very small but nobody can see or hear you.

  • English -

    1 - OK

    2 - delete all in parentheses

    3 - "a textile industry" = ?? (Do you mean a textile mill?)

    4 - Use "near" rather than "in" when referring to where the islands are in relation to Central America.

    5 - Delete all in parentheses. Use "haven" instead of "heaven." There's a difference.

    6 - Delete all in parentheses. Delete the quotation marks.

    7 - Delete all in parentheses.

    8 - Change "you" at the end of the sentence to "me."

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