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Reptiles have some specific adaptations that make them well suited to their environment. In your own words, discuss some of these adaptations by answering the following questions. Each answer should be constructed in one or two well-developed paragraphs.

a. What is the advantage of having an egg with its own supply of water, rather than just laying eggs in water?

b. How do reptiles compensate for a lack of supplemental oxygen intake through moist skin like that of amphibians?

c. Do you think internal fertilization or the development of scales is more important to reptiles? Explain your answer, discussing the benefits of both adaptations and their relative importance to the species.

I think A is because it is easier for the egg to survive in its own supply of water?

I think B is because reptiles breath differently then amphibians, so they do not need oxygen intake through their skin.

I think C is scales. Scales will help protect reptiles from predators?

Can you check my answers?
Thanks in advance!

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