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A player strikes a hockey puck giving it a velocity of 47.673 m/s. The puck slides across the ice for 0.175 s after which time its velocity is 46.473 m/s.
The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . If the puck strikes the goalieā€™s pads and stops in a distance of 4.39 cm, what average force is exerted on the pads?
Answer in units of N.

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    Sorry, I am not interested in the original speed or gravity or how long it slid across the ice.
    However I do need the mass of the puck.

    F = m *(change in velocity)/time
    time = distance/average speed stopping
    distance = .0439m
    average speed stopping = 23.236 m/s
    time = .0439/23.236 seconds to stop

    F = m (46.473) (23.236/.0439)

    so if I only knew m, I could help you.
    However as you can sense, the heavier the puck, the more the force.

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    The mass of the hockey puck is 185 grams. When you said time = distance/average speed stopping, in the equation F = m (46.473)*(23.236/.0439), did you mean this, .0439/23.236.

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